Abbott K. Schlain Co. Recommends the Use of Wasco Skylights

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Skylight Repair & Maintenance

Regular Maintenace Can Add Years to the Life of a Skylight System

Abbott K. Schlain Co. strongly believes in maintaining skylight system on a regular basis. The manufacturers of the skylight systems that A.K. Schlain provides recommend a maintenance program and publish maintenance manuals for their skylight systems.

A regular maintenance program can add years to life of a skylight system. Most often than not, the exterior portion of skylight systems rarely or sometimes never receive any type of maintenance. Over time sealants can fail, gaskets can shrink and expansion and contraction, among other conditions can cause problems. The results are leaks in the system that could cause obvious damage and unseen damage to the building.

A.K. Schlain can provide a regular maintenance program of monthly, quarterly bi-yearly or yearly inspections and perform the manufacturers recommended maintenance to insure the skylight system is looking good and performing at peak condition.